This is our school Chaplaincy board which has been decorated by the chaplaincy team. We have put prayers up with our school mission statement –


We use the statement because we should LOVE and we LISTEN when we LEARN, we GROW by LISTENING and we also LEARN what love means.

Our Chaplaincy team are always active in school and regularly lead our children in their class liturgies.


They have worked with our Chaplain to create this prayer space. They have chosen a red focus in preparation for remembrance.

Our School Prayer.

Dear Lord

Give us the strength to spread your light across our school community.

Fill our hearts with joy as we love, listen and grow together every day.

Inspire us to serve you and each other in all we say and do.

Lead us with your guiding light to help each other to do what’s right.


Our school prayer has been written by the Chaplaincy Team.

Celebrating the Feast of the Holy Cross and the beginning of term.

Class 5/6 led the whole school  in our act of worship. Our trust lead chaplain, Tom, and our school chaplain, Alex, worked with the children to plan and share this liturgy. It was a moving act of worship and a beautiful reminder of how lucky we are to be called Holy Cross School.

Click here to hear a small amount of singing from our liturgy celebrating the Feast of the Holy Cross. IMG 7880

On the 28th September, four children went off to St Paul’s Secondary School Leicester. They joined children from all schools within St Thomas Aquinas Academy Trust. They were taking part in the first day of training for the Young Leadership Programme. This is a programme being run in partnership with CAFOD and involves members of chaplaincy and eco teams from across each school within the Trust. This was the first of three days planned for the academic year.

Monday 9th October, 14 members of our chaplaincy team went off to the Rosmini centre for a retreat. This was an opportunity for chaplaincy teams from other schools within the trust to carry out their mission of meeting others. They went on their own Emmaus walk with children from other schools and got to learn new things about each other.

Alex, our Chaplain, started off Advent retreats with nursery class. They each made Christingles.