Year 1 Science

We had a busy and fun time showing our finished books to year 2.

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Year 1 – ending our Science topic with a special visitor

What a treat seeing this lovely leopard gecko. A great way to mark the end of our animal topic.

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Year 3 and 4 World Book Day: Where the Wild Things Are

Today we have been learning about the story ‘ Where the Wild Things Are. We have had to re tell the story in order and then draw a map of the all of the places that Max went.  We are looking forward to learning a dance based on the story now. By Nuala, Christina, Alicia […]

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Year 4 at Forest School

Today year 4 we’re doing forest school. We were learning how to read and draw a map. We hid a cone . Our partners had to find the cone . We took it in turns . Some people found it easy and some people found it hard. Before we went into forest school, we played […]

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Year 2 Kandinsky Pictures

We used every colour and consecutive shapes to make a picture in the style of Kandinsky. 

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Year 1 Music

Great rhythm skills shown by class 1. What brilliant musicians we are!

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Class 6 News

On Thursday, year 6 went on an adventure around Whitwick. We were asking the public about what they think about The Hermitage Leisure being moved.

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Today’s English lesson in Year 3 and 4

Today , we have been writing about the Amazon Rainforest in English. In this we have put a dilemma about if they should stop cutting down the trees or carry on. A dilemma is when someone has two choices and have to pick what is the right thing to do. We need to include lots […]

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Year 2’s Liturgy

Our liturgy today was based on co-operate with others when we work and play. 

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Inspired to play 3 little birds

 I can play Three little Birds on the piano to the whole class. I even did an introduction with the low c and the high c.

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